SSTool is a small screensaver control utility that runs in the system taskbar at the lowest priority level and allows quick access to screensaver functions.  With just two clicks the screensaver can be enabled, disabled or started.  Two clicks can also open the control panel applet to allow selection of a different screensaver.  This program is useful for things such as quickly starting a screensaver (setup with a password) to lock a machine or disabling the screensaver before defragmenting or playing a movie/game.

SSTool does NOT install any ActiveX controls, Ads, Registry Keys, or unneeded stuff.  It is also totally FREE..

This program also does not start with windows automatically.  If you would like it to, simply put a copy of the SSTool shortcut in the Startup folder of the Start Menu.








SSTool works with Win9x/NT/2000/XP.


Download SSTool Ver. 1.00 Now (296K)
The download includes an installer/uninstaller.



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SSTool requires the latest VB6.0 runtime files.  If you have a problem running SSTool get them here.

  Disclaimer:  The author claims no responsibility for damage caused by the use of this software.  

Richard Griffith