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Ram2Free is a small memory monitoring/information/freeing utility.
Ram2Free does NOT run in the taskbar and use system resources when not in use.  It also does NOT install any ActiveX controls, Ads, Registry Keys, or unneeded stuff.  It is also totally FREE..  Memory is freed by allocating (filling) all 16 pages of physical RAM forcing windows to unload unused modules that are left in RAM by programs.  This memory is then released back to the system resulting in that clean rebooted feeling.







Version History (What's new in 1.05)


Ram2Free works with Win9x/NT/2000/XP.  16MB minimum RAM required.


Download Ram2Free Ver. 1.05 Now (340K)
The download includes an installer/uninstaller.

Shareware Top 10 (07/03)
5 Star Rating
Pick O' The Week (07/21/03)

  Softpedia 5/5 Pick (01/24/04)

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Ram2Free requires the latest VB6.0 runtime files.  If you have a problem running Ram2Free get them here.

  Disclaimer:  The author claims no responsibility for damage caused by the use of this software.  

Richard Griffith