GDS QuickCopy

This software was released in January of 1997. Shortly after release, it won the Get It award from, as show below, as well as numerous other awards.

It has now been recompiled using VB6.0
No code has been changed, although, a label has been added to state the date of modification
and the version number has been updated to version 1.02.

This version may or may not work with your CD-RW drive.  Remember, most people didn't have them in 1997.
Works with Win9x,NT,2000,XP.

!!  Look for upcoming QuickCopy2 for many new features!!

The original QuickCopy page from 1997 follows with download at the bottom.

QuickCopy is a small utility that was written to setup student folders on a campus network. It supports copying multiple files to multiple folders. The new Version 1.01 supports copying to multiple floppies. Some examples of its usefulness are demonstrated in the screen shots below.


Here, QuickCopy is being used to select files from multiple folders for backing up. Important files may be sent to a single backup folder for easy storage.

selfile.gif - 11.5 K


Here QuickCopy is being used to send a single mail message to multiple student folders at one time.

seldir.gif - 11.1 K


Get Your Free QuickCopy Version 1.02 NOW
QCinst.EXE 808K

Note:  QuickCopy requires the latest VB6.0 runtime files.
If you have a problem running QuickCopy get them here.

Disclaimer:  The author claims no responsibility for damage caused by the use of this software.

Richard Griffith