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SSTool is a small screensaver control utility.  This program quickly starts, enables, disables and selects screensavers while displaying the screensaver status in the taskbar.

SSTool Screenshots and Download



Ram2Free is a small memory monitoring/information/freeing utility.  This program frees memory resulting in that clean rebooted feeling.

Ram2Free Screenshots and Download



QuickCopy is a small utility that was written to aid in working with student folders on a campus network. It supports copying multiple files to multiple folders. At the time of release QuickCopy won the GetIt Award from

QuickCopy Screenshots and Download


USFlag ScreenSaver

This Screensaver is a OpenGL rendered US flag.  It is small, simple and FREE.

USFlag Screensaver Screenshots and Download



  Color2Text is a small utility for getting the formatted color values for various applications.

Color2Text Screenshots and Download

Richard Griffith