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Griffith Data Systems is basically a hobby of mine.  It began in 1995 when, at college, I was given a T1 connection to the internet.  This was special because previously S.L.I.P. (Serial Line Internet Protocol) access to the internet was all that was available.  I can remember upgrading to a 28.8k modem and life was good. Then I got this fast new fiber line and wow...  I set up an O'Reilly Website on my brand new 133MHz. AMD machine. After just two months had created a site that the campus administrators decided deserved a domain name. The site ( was born.  I started offering utility programs and hardware designs I had created as well as software/hardware design notes, code, and information.  The site managed to build up a following of 25,000 visits a day.  There were well over 80,000 downloads of QuickCopy (See products page) alone.  When I graduated in 1997 and had to remove the site.  I received 15,000 emails asking to please supply a updated link.  Then, I got a fairly responsible job (you know, the type when something goes wrong I'm responsible) which consumed most of my time.  Feeling I could not keep up with the time required to maintain a site that would keep its followers happy,  I decided not to re-establish the site.  Well after many years I have decided to return to my hobby  in my spare time.  I have compiled numerous utilities for windows over the years and will make them available in the future.  Why do I do this?  Because it is what I like to do.

Richard Griffith